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Demise of the Crown debut official music video for “My Mind is Free”

Just last week up and coming Canadian metal band Demise of the Crown released “My Mind Is Free,” the first single from their upcoming album Life in the City, scheduled for release on April 24.

“I wanted to show something special in this video,” says guitarist and bassist Simon D. “There’s this magical moment that happens when playing the first chord on stage or when the director calls for action during the shoot. It’s like the band is being summoned to play by some unknown force of nature, a kind of ritual that brings us together to generate music.”

Starting with their 2015 debut EP to playing numerous area live shows, the Montreal-based band has garnered a reputation for redefining modern metal with a sound that is a melting pot of styles. All of it is topped off by singer Darren Beadman’s striking vocal techniques and unique tone, which have been likened to Warrel Dane, Sebastian Bach, and Rob Halford. “My Mind Is Free,” with its broad-ranging sound, is a perfect introduction to Demise of the Crown’s music.

“’My Mind Is Free’ is a dark and powerful song with an uplifting message of being able to overcome your demons in life before it’s too late,” says lead guitarist Manuel Iradian. “I’m extremely happy with Darren’s unique and colorful vocal performance here. It gives the song more character and, stylistically, this track has a lot to offer from middle eastern influences, hardcore breakdowns, big hooks, shredding face-melter leads, and slow ballad parts.”

To download “My Mind is Free,” click HERE.

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