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Review of the Okeefe Music Foundation

Whether your dream is to write music for online games at a mobile jackpot casino, perform in a live casino in Las Vegas, or make a rock and roll music video, if you are 18 or younger, you should check out the Okeefe Music Foundation.

The Okeefe Music Foundation has been operating since 2006 and has produced 226 music videos with 941 students (kids 18 and younger) involved and over 65 million video views.  

Kids can: 

  • Perform and network with other young musicians.
  • Use top-notch equipment.
  • Share performances with a global audience.
  • Press your music onto vinyl records.
  • Create an unforgettable rockstar experience.
  • Learn music production.

Any child ages 18 or younger can get involved.

OMF typically records in Cincinnati, Nashville, or Chicago.  They also have a network of volunteers in Paris, Geneva, Lisbon, and Budapest for talented young musicians in Europe.

OMF will help record any genre of music.  However, children are encouraged to choose songs that are unique and haven’t been covered before.

In general, OMF does not sell children’s recordings, but sometimes OMF will sell songs and the proceeds will go towards future recordings.

Any donations to OMF go towards children’s producing and recordings.  All of the workers are volunteers who volunteer because they love children and want to support these future musicians.  OMF does it best to record in studios or concert halls for free.

The records are 100% free for kids.  All expenses required to record, mix, and videotape the kids’ projects are free.  OMF cannot cover lodging, food, or travel costs.

Okeefe YouTube channel

If you are interested in viewing the videos that Okeefe has already published, here is their YouTube Channel:

These kids are amazing.  In some of the videos, the kids have recorded in what looks like their own garage using their own instruments, including a Hello Kitty drum set.  In others, the kids look like they are recording in a professional studio with professional looking equipment. While in others, the kids are recorded in actual live concerts with other professional musicians in front of 18,000 people.

Do you know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  The videos of these highly talented musicians cannot be described in words.  You just have to watch them.


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