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EP Review: Anthony Vince – Texture

Chicago, Illinois-based rapper Anthony Vince is fast proving a competent presence in alternative hip hop. Debuting a few months back with the rock-influenced, romance nostalgia of “Like This,” the single managed to earn him over 22 thousand streams on Spotify alone, providing a swift but steady following. Now back for a second act in the four-track EP, Texture, Vince’s artistic abilities, as well as his fanbase, have continued to grow.

The EP begins on “Parlayzed,” a hazy, yet energetic anecdote centering on being stimulated every which way to the point of numbness. Its opening noir-esque guitar line sets the initial tone, while the percussion booms with every phrase, bringing to mind contrasting images of beaming neon lights. Amidst the percussive involvement, Vince’s vocals sit comfortably and blend with the expansive synths. “Plexiglass” is the track to follow, and features a subtly more positive, albeit equally nuanced thematic pacing – an appreciation of beauty, but through the lens of a passive, ‘flashing-before-your-eyes’ type of fling. I appreciate how the distinctive presence of the synths is maintained here, as well as the essence of Vince’s vocal tonality.

On the flipside, there are strong rock leanings in the penultimate track, “Drunk.” The transition from the intro to the verses is smooth, and interestingly, there seems to be an increasing sense of emotional awareness that contrasts from the rapid-fire imagery. Further on, additional, flowing lead melodies enter in and provide the mix extra dimension. By the end of the EP, the placement of “Like This” makes sense, as if highlighting present-day tension that follows the initial rollercoaster high. The guitars sparingly increase in heaviness, as does the intensity of Vince’s blissful recollections. Once the EP reaches its end, a well-executed lull takes place, which seems to signify the indefinite dwelling on those memories with the passing of time.

Overall, Anthony Vince’s Texture EP marks a solid expansion of not only his musical adeptness, but his ability to weave together a cohesive and succinct narrative. Each song aptly expands from a stylistic standpoint, and gradually reveals a certain level of newfound situational awareness as the EP progresses. I look forward to hearing how Vince translates these ideas into a full-length setting.

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