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Single Review: Dirty Snowman Society – “Mad Bull”

Back in early September, Copper Mountain, Colorado quartet Dirty Snowman Society gained a fair amount of favorability for their jangly, noir-tinged single, “Taste of Heaven.” I was looking forward to how they would possibly follow that up, provided how well-crafted and genuine it was. With the release of their current single “Mad Bull,” I can confidently say that not only have they penned a worthy successor; they seem to have truly broken through.

The song’s combined visual and lyric presentation has amassed over seven hundred thousand hits on YouTube alone, its reception based on the resonance of its guitar tone, political leanings, and refreshing band chemistry aesthetic. Compared to their previous offering, the band definitely exhibit a more seasoned and defined bite in their sound, both in terms of the heavier guitar and projected vocals. A subtle quality that I can easily admire is its lack of reverb and subsequent opting for a less mysterious, barebones sound. From a thematic standpoint, this is, by all means, a competent dig at the current American political climate, and its metaphors are able to be grasped while still emitting a sense of intrigue. I can tell that the band is well on their way to giving rock a rightful and veritable presence in the industry, and hope that their future material will continue to resonate just as strong.

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