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The Music Industry in Modern Times

The Music Industry in Modern Times

Sometimes, you feel so bored and lonely, and the only thing that can appease you is music. Music controls your moods and feelings and lightens your spirit. Without music, life would be boring, a quote that has explained music since the beginning of time. Music didn’t originate with radio or the iPod or from our modern instruments. It started way back in the Stone Age before any Audio Video Company began installing advanced audio systems that make listening to music as easy as it’s today.

Some research on ancient musical instruments shows that the first musical instrument dated back 40,000 years ago. The first bone flute that was discovered in Slovakia, and it’s believed to be the first step into music technology. Keep reading to understand how the modern music industry has come into existence.

The Evolution Of Music

Music can be defined as a collection of sound notes that are merged together to be pleasing for hearing. Music can be found in every part of the world, and every culture around the world has its music. Long before this modern music industry came to live, our ancestors created their music sounds with or without instruments. Their trials have brought our music industry to where it’s today.

In the 1750s, classical music fascinated everyone. Classical music is among the oldest genres of music in the world that has stood the test of time. It ruled the music industry until the beginning of 1900 when other music genres started taking root.

Music genres like Samba, Jazz, and Sitar were prevalent at that time. In 1946 Rock music became one of the most remarkable genres when the king of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, came into the picture. In the 1980s, a group of hippies created their sound before RnB and Rap came in the 1990s to take music to a new level. Every music genre we listen to nowadays has its history.

Modern Music

Over the past couple of decades, the music industry has had a lot of good transformation in ways that we didn’t imagine. All these transformations can be seen from how music is made, the sound, and videos up to how it’s pushed in the market. In 1994, Geffen Records made a mark in music by becoming the first record label to introduce music s a downloadable file. From there on, other websites sprang up, followed by music apps like sound cloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon music.

At first, artists had to market their music by selling CDs. If you were in luck, one got their music promoted by a record label. However, nowadays, there’re many websites where you can pay a fee of about $50, and they’ll push your music on your behalf. Moreover, YouTube is here for your rescue.

With YouTube, you have a chance to showcase your music, and all you have to do is create a free account. You can then post your music for free and even make money depending on the number of views you get. The music industry has changed and will keep changing. And if you intend to start a career as a musician, then you have to keep up with the music trends.

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