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Album Review: Subshine ‘Easy Window’


Artist | Subshine
Title | Easy Window
Label | Apollon Records

‘Easy Window’, the debut album from newcomer Subshine, is a synth-pop delight.  
Hailing from Norway, the combination of 80s-tinged synthesisers and shimmering pop hooks will burrow into your ears drums and refuse to leave.  
Subshine is the work of Ole Gunnar Gundersen. Based in Bergen, he toured with the likes of Mew and Pet Shop Boys during his time with the cult band Lorraine. Now he re-emerges with this new project. Written while walking in, amongst, and over the stunning Norwegian landscape, close your eyes and you can picture islands, fjords, glaciers, and fishing villages in this all-engulfing cinematic pop.

From opener ‘Florence’ trough to the closing refrains of ‘Where Does It Go’, ‘Easy Window’ pulls you close. Gigantic synths and stadium-size drums combine to give the album an almost War On Drugs-like rhythmicaility.  An incessant driving force interspersed only by shimmering pop choruses.  Recent single ‘Easy’ is a perfect example of this; driven along by a clicking drum beat, it explodes with emotion when the chorus arrives, and delivers a dizzingly perfect hit of synth pop goodness.
Elsewhere on tracks like the dreamily romantic ‘Body’ and ‘Your Love’ Ole Gunnar lets the pace slow and his hopeful romantic side come through.  

‘Easy Window’ is a delight of a debut.  A record you’ll discover more of with each passing listen.  A hypnotically, poetically, beautifully delicious synth-pop album to spend the end of 2019 in the company of.
Rating | 4/5

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