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Single Review: Cassidy Waring – “Nostalgia”

I’ve been listening to Cassidy Waring’s new single “Nostalgia” non-stop since I received the link for review. It’s a deeply personal and touching track with a message that is universal to any listener. As it’s sung in the bridge: “Hard times, sweet to remember. Sweet times, hard to forget.” That sums it up perfectly. It’s such a powerful idea. Nostalgia is something we all experience, more so as we get older. What’s interesting about this track, though, is that it highlights the fact that nostalgia doesn’t necessarily have to be for happy memories. Two of the three verses in this song share heartbreaking scenes. Those cornerstone moments might be hard to get through but they’re just as important, if not more important, in making us the people we are.

Cassidy has made a reputation for her honesty and openness in songwriting. At her shows and on her website she sells pins that say “Fuck Small Talk” and tote bags that say “Vulnerability is Sexy”. Her mailing list is called “Rad Empathy Club”. Cutting through life’s bullshit is kind of her thing. And this song is another great example of this.

It’s great when a song perfectly fits an artist. There is something about Cassidy’s voice that is warm and tender. It’s comforting, but also filled with experience, like looking at an old Polaroid. She’s become one of my favorite performers in the Vancouver music scene. This track further solidifies that opinion.

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