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Album Review: Tool – “Fear Inoculum”

TOOL. IS. BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! After 13 years of waiting, they have gifted the world their new album, Fear Inoculum! This album has 10 tracks and is a whopping 80+min long. And it is a masterpiece from start to finish! This album is Tool’s most psychedelic record without sounding too trippy. With each song being over 10 minutes long, you would think it would be a bit hard to listen to each track, but it isn’t. They don’t over stay their welcome. Each track is long to get their point across without cheating the listener. Each members style is heard on this album. They haven’t lost a step on the technical side! Maynard’s voice continues to lead you through each song as only Maynard can do, Danny Carey’s drumming is as mesmerizing as ever, Adam Jones’ guitar riffs and Justin Chancellor’s basslines never fail to hook you into the song as soon as it starts. Even though this is Tool, it’s not like any other album from the past. It’s almost a meditative album, but it’s still Tool. They don’t leave anything out on each track. 13 years is a long time to wait for an album, but it was worth the wait. Fear Inoculum is an incredible album by an incredible band. This is an album that will be on repeat for sure!

Track List:

  1. Fear Inoculum (10:20)
  2. Pneuma (11:53)
  3. Litanie contre la Peur (2:14)
  4. Invincible (12:44)
  5. Legion Inoculant (3:10)
  6. Descending (13:38)
  7. Culling Voices (10:05)
  8. Chocolate Chip Trip (4:48)
  9. 7empest (15:44)
  10. Mockingbird (2:06)

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