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Zack Bright Shares Irresistible New Single “Kiss Me”

Power-pop punk artist Zack Bright from Ontario has debuted his irresistibly catchy new single “Kiss Me.” The cheeky, feel-good track is a healthy dish of late 90’s alt-rock, country twang, and just the right amount of cheese.

It’s about letting yourself fall in love and the euphoric feelings we encounter in the honeymoon phase,” says Bright. “The song comes from finally breaking free from the toxic hangover of a bad relationship and when I was least expecting it.

The white-hot, driving instrumentation of “Kiss Me” emphasizes a “top-down” summer feel that provides a nice stretch of highway for the infectious pop hook.

Zack Bright released his debut album Voices last year, a joyful exploration of genres from Bright’s musical past, but with the release of “Kiss Me” he is setting his sights on a more focused sound as he furthers his signature pop punk/country crossover blend.

There’s a “happy-go-lucky” vibe to “Kiss Me” that can be attributed to Bright’s struggles with mental health and his desire to bring a positive message with his music. “I write music as a way to escape the things that bring me down,” says Bright. “There is enough evil shit going on in the world that when I play music and write music, I want to feel good and leave it all behind, whether it’s for five minutes or three hours. That is the mantra more or less. I am a clown and try not to take life seriously. It’s so short and I want to make the most of it and I hope that comes through in the music.

Listen to “Kiss Me” on Spotify.

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