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Introducing: ALONZO – dance crew choreographer turned singer

ME: Thank you for this interview opportunity, please share with us how you developed your unique pop / rock / soul sound?

A: Thank YOU! I’m so thankful you guys took the time to interview me and I do not take this interview for granted.

Good question, I’d say my sound has developed over the years. I grew up in the church so I’ve always been surrounded by soulful musical influences. The pop rock side of things has a lot to do with the types of artists that inspire me and the types of music that like to sing. Tina Turner is one of my biggest vocal influences. I’ve always known that my voice couldn’t just be one thing. I have too much soul to be pop and too much power not to be Rock. So, I called my genre Rock Pop Soul. I’ve been pursuing music officially since 2013.

ME: How do you balance a touring lifestyle with a regular life as an emerging artist?

A: Well that’s the thing. As an emerging artist, there really is no balance because you have to put your all into you career. When you’re just getting started you literally have to live, eat and sleep the advancement of your career. I don’t really have much of personal life at the moment and I love it because it’s all I can think about 24 hours a day anyway. I’m sure once I’ve really made it, I can begin to implement some balance but as of now there is none by choice. Every now and then though the universe will force me to take time off for myself. That’s usually the only way it happens.

ME: If you had to describe your sound with only one song of yours, which one would you choose?

A: Definitely my first single “Your Medicine” it’s the perfect combination of genres and shows that I am more than just one genre of music.

ME: Favorites from your upcoming releases?

A: My favorite is a song that I have called “Respect” it’s a super funky song with a disco vibe. I think it’s my favorite because it has vibes of the past that you can hear on the radio today. The rest of the songs on this project have a more current sound. This is the only song on the project that embodies my old soul.

ME: If you had the opportunity to meet one band or artist who would you choose and why?

 A: With no hesitation, it would be Beyoncé! If I could just pick that woman’s brain for even 5 minutes id be eternally grateful. For the level of success I’m going for, she inspires me more than anyone because of all she has achieved. With no question, she is the biggest living star in the world right now so having her as a mentor would be huge. My dream is to be the first male artist signed to her label and taken under her wing.

ME: How do you feel the independent music scene is evolving and do you like where it’s headed?

 A: The future of independent music is brighter than it’s ever been. Social Media has literally changed the music business forever. I can only imagine that independent artists will at some point take over the music business. I truly hope that labels take note of this and bring their values back to what they use to be, talent first.

ME: We all have “aha” moments that help us continue on our journey.  What have been your “aha” moments in the music industry?

A: Ahhh I have a lot of those. Just in the last year alone. I’ve really come to understand that this isn’t about me. I use to want to be this superstar so everyone could love me. Now I still seek massive success but it is so my voice can be heard on a large platform. Now I have A LOT to say and it all has nothing to do with me.

My biggest recent aha moment was realizing that perfectionism is real! It is fear & It keeps us away from growth. All this time i was trying to be perfect. I had no idea that hiding my imperfections actually hurt me more because it was keeping me away from growth. In this business, you have to give yourself permission to evolve. The power to evolve comes through authenticity with self.

ME: What does 2020 have in store for you?

A: 2020 will be my biggest year yet. Music Festivals, Tours, & The release of my Album! These are my personal goals/plans but I imagine there are blessings coming that I’m not even expecting. 2020 WILL BE HUGE!


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