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Video Premiere: Across The Board “Wild Ones”

Here’s the WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE of Top 5 iTunes Canadian band, Across The Board’s “Wild Ones.”

“Wild Ones” celebrates autonomy and uniqueness using the analogy of the “Lone Wolf” who strives for independence yet understands the necessity of “The Pack.” ATB explores the power of self-expression and inner strength. Filmed in a remote forest in Ontario, Canada, “Wild Ones” features lyrical dancer, Toronto’s Murphy MacDonald-Rea who portrays a transformation from trepidation and doubt into freedom, self-expression and strength. The message is powerful and the video, produced and recorded by MC2 Music Media (Toronto, Canada) captures the metamorphosis as our heroine finds her “inner wolf”.

The album was co-written and produced by MC2 Music Media’s Darnell Toth & Matt Makarenko with ATB’s Jacqueline Auguste, Andy Ramjattan and Martin Heller.



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