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Thiago Muller Releases Angelic Folk Track featuring Diana Ebe

Indie-folk artist Thiago Muller has returned with a new single, the lighthearted and enchanting “My Favorite Song.” The track features duet style vocals between Muller and Swedish pop artist Diana Ebe.

‘My Favorite Song’ captures a picture, a moment of a very sweet love,” says Muller. “Sometimes we try so hard to love someone, but it should be simple and natural. This song is the perfect partner for the worst scenario and the tough times. When both parties are covered in dust, with weeks old clothes, hungry, but yet they are having the time of their lives!

“My Favorite Song” begins with an unassuming acoustic guitar riff and sweetly sung melodies before launching into a powerful singalong chorus with full percussion and harmonies. The spirited, heartfelt track bubbles with anticipation, much like the high points of any great relationship.

I wrote this song with Diana,” says Muller “and the producer of the song, Nico Farias, wanted everything to sound natural, so we recorded live drums with Lucas Bomeny and acoustic guitar with Leonardo Bomeny. We were very creative and at the same time very careful to be simple and pretty. Nico put his heart to the project and I’m very thankful for everyone that also put a piece of themselves in this. “

Listen to “My Favorite Song” on Spotify.

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