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Album Review: Baroness – Gold & Grey

A review on Gold & Grey, the final entry of chromatic albums from Baroness.

Baroness is an American heavy metal band from Savannah, Georgia whose original members grew up together in Lexington, Virginia. Gold & Grey is the upcoming fifth studio album by Philadelphia-based heavy metal band Baroness, due to be released on 14 June 2019 on the band’s own label, Abraxan Hymns. As with previous releases by the band, the album’s artwork was designed by front-man and lead singer John Dyer Baizley. The album will be the band’s first to feature new guitarist Gina Gleason and was mastered by frequent Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann who also produced Baroness’ previous album. The first single from the album, “Borderlines”, was released in March 2019. #Baroness #GoldAndGrey #YourBaroness
Breaking Ground
Lyrical Voice

Overall, Gold & Grey is an album that proves Baroness have not only thought outside the box, but proven that no defined box will ever fit Baroness. The music is a vision that doesn’t conform to one shape or style but grows in an unpredictable direction. The mixing and production style in some tracks might be jarring at first, but put your headphones in and sit back because this voyage is worth it.

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