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Gallery: Architects at The Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ (04.27.19)

A heatwave hits Arizona as British metal core band Architects set fire to The Van Buren. Setting out on the Holy Hell Tour to celebrate their 8th studio album. Accompanying the band are openers Thy Art is Murder and While She Sleeps.

The band’s performance was beyond spectacular! Utilizing the energy in the venue along with the blinding stage lights fans were in an uproar.

Silence befalls the crowd as the opening notes to Death Is Not Defeat begin to play, the anticipation thickens as the lights grow brighter. The band enters and the crowd goes wild cheering. As the band starts playing full chaos breaks out as fans are having the time of their lives.

Body after body over the barricades fans let loose song after song. As the night winds down so does the crowd, the set has been played and the band leaves the stage. The crowd cheering “Architects!, Architects!” waiting in suspense the band emerges to play two more songs.

As I watch the fans leaving the venue I can see the biggest smiles on their faces and all I can think is “I can’t wait for their next show”.

Set List:

1. Death Is Not Defeat

2. Modern Misery

3. Nihilist

4. Deathwish

5. Phantom Fear

6. Holy Hell

7. Royal Beggars

8. Gravedigger

9. Mortal After All

10. Downfall

11. Naysayer

12. These Colours Don’t Run

13. A Match Made In Heaven

14. Hereafter


15. Gone With The Wind

16. Doomsday


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