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PrepAway Answers the Questions: What Is Google AdWords Certification and What Are Its Benefits?

It is difficult to miss the name of Microsoft when you are talking about the leading tech companies in the world. Microsoft has established its place in the tech world and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. The company roles out more hardware devices and software each year, they are known for their quality and dedication. However, some people aren’t aware of the fact that Microsoft also offers certifications, but getting hold of that certification can be difficult.

There are in fact four different levels of certifications that Microsoft offers which are, MTA, MCSA, MCSE and MCSD. To get hold of these credentials you need to have the adequate knowledge in your specific domain. You also have to pass a few exams and there are things you need to encounter when pursuing a Microsoft certificate. Here we will be talking about the Microsoft 98-364 exam which you have to pass if you want to get hold of the MTA certification.

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MTA Certification and 98-364 Exam: Basic Information

The MTA certification is for beginners, designed to provide you with the core technical skills necessary in such areas as database, developer and IT professional. It’s the best option for those who aim to start building a successful career in IT. To get MTA certification, you need to pass one of the 14 exams available at Microsoft website and 98-364 is one of them. The Microsoft 98-364 exam basically revolves around Database Fundamentals and the candidates need to know how to use the Microsoft SQL Server. As for the number of exam questions, it should be mentioned, that usually Microsoft exams consist of around 40-50 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in around 120 minutes. So, the definite number of questions will be known closer to the exam date. 98-364 test is available in different languages, among which are Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, French, Chinese and English. The exam costs not much, just $127. In case you fail the test, you will have to pay the fee again for a retake.

To be successful in 98-364 exam, it is recommended that the candidate should have experience with database technologies and concepts. Keep in mind that the candidates only need hands-on experience and no job experience.

98-364 Exam Pattern

When you are taking the Microsoft 98-364 exam, you need to have a command on a few different domains, which are:

  • Administer a Database
  • Understand Data Storage
  • Manipulate Data
  • Create Database Objects
  • Understanding Core Database Concepts

Having profound knowledge of them you will be able to clear the Microsoft 98-364 exam questions easily.

It is very common for people to fail at the Microsoft 98-364 exam on the first attempt, so don’t blame yourself. The exam is quite difficult and even the best people require a few attempts to ace this test. However, once you pass this exam you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. So, to have a thorough exam preparation, read the following paragraph.

How to Prepare?

No matter how much experience you have in databases, you will have to prepare for the Microsoft 98-364 exam properly. There are many different sources that you can use for this purpose and you should use as many as you can.

To begin with, find the study guide on 98-364 exam fist, either on Microsoft Press Store or on Amazon website. Then check the official training courses at Microsoft. Take into consideration, that Microsoft is one of the vendors that certify qualified specialists with practical skills already. That’s why pay your attention to mastering them and gain as much practical experience as possible. After that, it’s time to revise the learned material andExamSnap is the first assistant in this. The website offers a wide collection of the most updated exam dumps. They are available in .vce format and can be opened on the VCE Player. This simulator will help you practice in the real exam environment, track and improve your results. At ExamSnap you can find a plethora of practice questions, along with their answers just for $39.99 USD. These practice questions will help you understand the nature of the questions that will be asked and how to tackle them at the exam. In addition, on this reliable platform, you can find online training videos led by the real IT experts. These videos will prove to be quite helpful as they cover everything that you need to know about the Microsoft 98-364 certification test. Take in mind, that it’s better to start your preparation for the exam as early as possible.


To sum up, although MTA certification is not a must to get MCSA credential, it’s worth getting if you are not confident in your knowledge and skills. Microsoft 98-364 exam is an important exam for the MTA certification and will be beneficial for your career. For instance, employers are always looking for certified individuals because their skills have been tested by the globally recognized IT vendor – Microsoft. Not all candidates pass Microsoft exams, that’s why companies hold on to the ones they’ve found.

Since databases are something that the world relies on heavily and they are used in almost every company and organization out there. Therefore, these companies are always looking for people who can keep their databases in working condition. Thus, after passing 98-364 certification exam, you automatically become a valuable person to hire.

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