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PrepAway Answers the Questions: What Is Google AdWords Certification and What Are Its Benefits?

After an individual achieves Google AdWords certification, it becomes sure that now he is a professional in online advertising. So, basically, the certification is a process which enables Google to identify the specialists in online advertising. Individuals get the certification only when they pass two AdWords certification exams. After that, the individuals can be seen on the public profile page of the Google partners. We all know where Google is going. Day by day it is only reaching heights. Similar to the other Google applications, products, startups, this certification program is also growing at a fast pace over the years.

Getting certified under the program is very crucial for individuals for getting employment in big corporations. This is because having a certification means that the individual possesses all the knowledge about the field from the very basics. Being AdWords certified in the current Google Partner Program is not easy. That is why the demand is extremely high. To easily get the certification, an individual has to struggle hard and should practice on a continuous basis.

Get more information about Google AdWords certification here https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9028754?hl=en

While doing the certification for the first time, many students get confused. So, PrepAway has prepared a step-by-step guide about how to do your Google AdWords certification when doing it for the first time:

  1. Select or make your account in Google.
  2. Join Google partners.
  3. Make sure your profile is complete.
  4. Do good a study for your exams.
  5. Pass fundamentals exam + one extra exam of your choice.

The extra exams from which the individuals can choose are display, video, search, shopping and mobile. The candidate can choose any exam from these five according to their choice.

Benefits Associated with Google AdWords Certification

The demand for the individuals who have the Google AdWords certification is reaching heights. There are various benefits associated with this certification program. PrepAway created a list of benefits for you to get acquainted with:

1. You Will Get a Chance to Be Trained by Google

After you achieve the certification, you already know a lot about the certification program. But, after that also, you need to learn a lot to be an expert in the field. Many marketers think that they have the certification means that they do not need to learn more. But this is completely not true. You have to get trained by Google itself so that you have a better understanding of how to use the AdWords tool in the best way possible. Last but not the least, the advantage of getting certified under the program is that you’ll always get exposure and you’ll always get to learn something new https://prepaway.biz/.

2. You Will Get Recognized by A Large Number of Customers

Once you complete the certification program what Google does is, it endorses your skills with AdWords. You can then attract a large number of customers towards you as it is definitely not a small thing being getting endorsed by Google. So, in order to be a Google certified partner, you have to first sign up for the google certification program.

3. You Can Then Seek Information About Other Tools as Well

The tools of Google are all connected for search engine optimization. When you get well-aware about how to use one tool, with some tricks and wise work, you can learn to use the other Google tools too. Things are very much similar to AdWords. When an individual achieves a full exposure in AdWords, he is then capable of learning some other tools and services too and can be a user who can engage with Google more effectively and efficiently.

4. You Are Able to Drive More Sales

No matter what field it is, having a strong customer base is essential. Under this certification program too, you need to have strong communicating value. Until and unless the customer is fully able to understand the benefits that are derived from your product, he will not buy it. So, you have to make your product engaging so as to build a strong customer base. For that, you have to be certified in the program and well-awarded with the concepts of the AdWords certification and then you will be able to drive more sales.

5. You Then Have a Strong and Influential Resume

The resume of the employees is the first impression in front of the employers. The employers judge the people on the basis of their experience. No matter what career an individual is going ahead, the resume building should be a consistent effort. Also, when we talk in terms of the certification program, having a written proof of certification in any professional area itself is a very big thing. When the employer come to know that the employee has a certification, he keeps the employee on the very first choice when compared to the other uncertified professionals.

6. You Will Continue to Grow in Career

Having a professional certification such as the Google AdWords certification will help you build your career on a large scale. You will be socially recognized as verified experts and you will get promotion easily and that too very quickly. And hence your career will see only advancements and you will continue to grow. There are various benefits associated with the certification and one such major benefit is career progression.

7. Makes You a Keen Learner

There are various things that continuously gets added to the area in which you are working. The area continuously evolves. So, even you have to evolve yourself otherwise you will not be able to achieve long-term results. You have to build in habits of continuous learning to help you and everything around you progress.

Where to Find Relevant Training Materials?

To prepare properly for your certification exams, you need to find relevant and dependable training materials. On the PrepAway website, you will find a training course with lectures as well as a set of practice questions for your Google AdWords exam. Training materials form PrepAway are always updated, so you can surely rely on them.


From the above-mentioned data, the advantages associated with achieving the Google AdWords certification can be concluded easily. The certification program is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires hard and fast efforts and struggles of an individual. Once an individual achieves the certification, then unlimited career opportunities open up for him. PrepAway wishes you good luck with your certification exams!

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