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Free & Legal MP3 Downloads

The main objective of mp3legit is to provide legal alternatives that allow free download of mp3. Some of these alternatives include different download possibilities, listening, free streaming, and offline storage of the music files.

With the internet, technological development, constant, cloud-based services, and quick accessibility of data in a virtual space, it’s now almost unnecessary to download original copies of the mp3 or any other type of music file stored in your device. The fact is that these sorts of files not only take up space on your device but also waste of resources since it’s possible to store and easily access at any time with other relevant means. If you don’t have access to internet connection yet, you need to download a copy of the file on a device. There are cheap alternatives to download the file for free.


There are varieties of music streaming services which include Amazon music, Google plays music, Apple music, Spotify, Tidal that provide several opportunities allowing both streaming and listening to music.
For instance, Spotify application has offline storage that allows up to 10,000 songs, and each allows up to 5 different devices that guarantee a total limit of up to 50,000 songs.


With prime music features and Amazon Music Unlimited, there are unlimited plays with an opportunity of over 2 million up to 50 million songs. On the other hand, Apple music not only downloads music but also store up 100,000 songs. Although the offline storage has a limited number of available songs, the app isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it uses a certain amount of space on your device storage. In case you’re offline, there is no worry as the storage space is enough to allow the number of songs of your choice.


Even if you want to try free opportunity that allows you to download and listen to your favorite music, it’s now easy as there are much better, free alternatives which takes pretty much the same time, money, and effort.

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