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Everything you should know about the cool instrument called ukulele

The ukulele is a musical instrument that is flush with history and culture. It is also amazingly addictive to play.
First arriving in Hawaii in the beginning of the 1800s, the uke is now one of the most popular and loved instruments worldwide.

If you are still not sure what Ukulele is, here is a list of some Uke songs to hear.

Here is everything you should know about it.

Is it difficult to learn ukulele?

Definitely NO. In fact, the uke is one of the easiest instruments to master. You can learn playing popular songs on the ukulele very quickly, using just four easy chords and basic strumming patterns.

Are there different types of ukulele?

YES, there are four main types of uke – Concert, Soprano, Tenor, Baritone.
If you are about to start playing the ukulele (a total newbie), the Baritone, which is the nearest to the standard size guitar, is surely not for you.
The Tenor ukulele gives a deeper and fuller sound compared to the Concert and Soprano ukulele.
When it comes to a comparison between the last two mentioned, it is the Concert type of ukulele that has a bit louder sound than the Tenor. It’s also one size bigger so it’s a better option for the enthusiasts with larger hands.

What is the price range for 2019?

Needless to say, you will perhaps be able to find either cheaper (second-hand) or pricier ukulele depends on your personal preferences and budget. However, this is a tentative list to give you an overall idea of the new ukulele’s price:

Toy Ukulele: $35 and less
On-Budget: Around $50
For Beginner: $50 to $150
Mid-Class Uke: $150 to $500
High-Class Uke: $500 and Up

We suggest you speak with someone with solid knowledge of musical instruments in order to help you find what is most suitable for you.

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