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Single Review – The Inoculated Canaries – “Who Are You?”

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The Inoculated Canaries continue to sport a nuanced neo-retro hard rock identity. They’ve held strong off the success of their sophomore EP – 2018’s Trying Times – which had been carried on the merits of its blues-tinged lead single, “Count Me Out.” Now, the New York quartet has planned a steady single output to be released in the coming months.

Making their return this year with “Who Are You?”, the band sees themselves exploring a more straight-ahead feel. From its opening chord sequence to its vocal pattern, I’m brought back to a period in the late 90s where the rousing hooks of mid-range pop rock were king. Besides the stylistic allusion, I appreciated how the song had a kind of subtle, yet at the same time, direct quality about its presentation. The transition of vocals – initially murky and subdued, then vibrant and clear throughout – works on a similar, complementary level to the punch of the guitars. Once the chorus hits, its delivery is enhanced by way of how well it sits in relation to the instrumentation – simply succinct, without the need to garner the most attention as with a great many pop-oriented tracks. It’s a wholly decent introduction to what’s in store for this year, and I’m already curious as to how subsequent offerings will fare as this output unfolds.

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