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Doc STRANGE slaps the beat scene in the face with his instrumental project “Beyond Aggravation”

Doc STRANGE is a rapper/producer/director based in Dallas, TX. His independent releases are availabe on all streaming formats. His eclectic Hip Hop approach has gained critical success and a burgeoning cult following. His production style can best be experienced from his single “Futuristic Handgun” with Detroit lyricist Guilty Simpson, “Theme From Aggravated Weight” and now on the instrumental offering, “Beyond Aggravation”. “It’s the sound I am most in love with. The raw vibration given off when it’s just one person…one machine. No fancy gizmos or plug ins. You hear raw style and emotion straight and unfiltered.”

“Beyond Aggravation” is an instrumental release by award winning recording artist Doc STRANGE.  Previously available only in a “beat tape” format on Soundcloud, now it has a bigger platform on Bandcamp.  It will be available on all streaming platforms in April.  “I am strongly influenced by a trio of producer/rappers with J Dilla, Madlib and MF DOOM.” says Doc STRANGE. “That’s my Mount Rushmore right there”.  Keeping with the raw, experimental aesthetic of the aforementioned, Doc STRANGE looks to redirect the wave of so-called “lo-fi”beat makers. “I only know one way of creating that true, gritty , beautiful sound people call lo-fi.  You have to use classic equipment first. My choice was the EPS 16 Plus.  It resonates in a way that DAWS or modern samplers just can’t. It goes above and beyond labels like boom bap or whatever.  It touches the soul.”

“Beyond Aggravation” will be the first in a series of instrumental albums centered on raw Hip Hop production style and genres close to the artist’s heart. “I’m an absolute fiend for ‘70’s Blaxploitation films, comic books, and sci fi.  It rubs off in what I do, how I dress, everything.” Expect wild, random samples to grace the beats provided by rapper/producer Doc STRANGE.

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