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Live Review + Gallery: You Me At Six at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA 02.21.19

You Me At Six kicked off their Back Again Tour at the Brighton Music Hall last week. Although they played a few shows two years ago they haven’t had a full nationwide tour through the US for a while, they haven’t been in Boston since May 2017 (although singer Josh Franceschi can’t actually remember the last time they were here), and they’re stoked to be Back Again. You Me At Six released their sixth studio album, VI, back in October.

They kicked off their set with ‘Fast Forward’ off their new album, and even though this tour is to celebrate their new album, they didn’t forget the old classics. They quickly jumped into ‘Lived A Lie,’ ‘Reckless,’  and ‘Loverboy.’ It was clear the crowd was excited the band had decided to come back stateside, singing along to new and old songs alike. Before playing ‘Take On The World’ however, Josh kindly asked for all the lights to be shut off, and for everyone to take out their phones and their lighters and light up the room, and “Say hello to a stranger, maybe take a shot with them or something, that’d be cool… this song is about how beautiful the world could be and how if we all just made a little bit more of a fucking effort the world would be a much better place.”

Bands always love to ask who’s ever seen them before and who’s first gig is the one they’re currently at. You Me At Six decided to explain things for the new-comers. 

“Allow me to let you into a little secret about musical concerts… so at some point in the evening the over-the-top, cocky lead singer will say something along the lines of ‘It’s been fucking awesome! This is our last song…’ But then the band will leave the stage, and the audience will know it’s bullshit, the band also knows it’s bullshit, everyone knows it’s bullshit… but the band, you see, it’s not enough they’ve already played for an hour they need their egos rebuilt, so they need to hear the audience scream uncontrollably the bands name which is You Me At Six. And we want to hear you scream that as loud as you can. And then we will walk back on the stage, and we’ll act surprised, you’ll act surprised, and we’ll play four more fucking songs for you guys. And that my friends, is called the Encore. So this song is our last song…” and they go into ‘Bite My Tongue’. Which was obviously followed by the previously stated encore. 

The band did, in fact, come back out to play four more songs like they had promised. They played ‘Room To Breathe,’ ‘No One Does It Better,’ ‘Straight To My Head,’ and  fan favorite ‘Underdog.’ The crowd definitely wished for another encore after the last song, and I imagine that the band would’ve loved to play some more for everyone if it weren’t for the fact that they were all definitely jet lagged from getting into the country the day prior. They didn’t say when they’d be back, but I can guess that they won’t wait as long to come back next time after they saw the love from Boston. 

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