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Exclusive Premiere: Tina DeCara – “Solo” Music Video

Currently based in Long Island, NY, Tina DeCara is a tour-de-force of a singer-songwriter. Her soulful voice and songwriting capabilities were inspired by some of the greatest performers of the world, which include Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and Michael Jackson. Recently starring in FUSE TV’s National Docu-Series “Saturday Morning Fever,” Tina DeCara was the only female singer-songwriter to showcase her talents in singing, acting and dancing.

Her recent single, “Solo” was released last year and is described as “an infectious pop tune” the track went viral at the end of 2018, appearing on the famed Official Spotify Playlists of New Music Friday US, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Australia Top 50 and Global Top 50. Today, she debuts the brand new music video for Solo.

We got a chance to have Tina answer some questions about her music and her career to date as well, here’s what she had to say:

How would you describe your sound if talking to someone who has never heard your music?

I would describe my personal sound as jazz, pop, with a mix of EDM and Trap inspired references.

How did you first get started in music?

As a little girl, around 6 years old, I was always caught singing and writing poems. Then, in high school, one of my choir teachers told me that I had a unique voice and fell in love with jazz music which pushed to start working with an independent label at the age of 15.

What show would you consider to be your “breakout gig” to this point?

My major breakout gig would be my performance on Fuse Network. And also performing my song “Dreamer” with The Golden Ponies at Electric Zoo.

What does it take for a band to stand out in a music environment such as Long Island?

You need to be yourself. Hustle, travel and not stay limited to Long Island. It’s not hard, I have purple hair and tattoos. I stand out enough. Haha!

What should people expect from your live performance when coming to see you perform?

From my live performances, you’ll expect a new show each time. I play with my friend, Vishno. He helps us create a live show with the guitar, electric and acoustic. It’s so much fun. I can perform every night.

Do you primarily write your own songs?

Yes, 99% of the songs are written by me. And if a song is not written by me and I sang it, that means I’m passionate about the lyrics and can relate.

What should people expect from you in 2019?

Performances. And new music.

What was the first album you purchased?

MGMT ‘Oracular Spectacular’

First concert you attended?

Stone Temple Pilots!

Most influential band to you personally?

Currently, Men At Work. LOL

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