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Forest Robots Release New Album ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest

I immediately am drawn to the theme and inspiration behind the new album and that is love of nature and love for a daughter.  Forest Robots is one man by the name of Francisco Dominguez and he urges people to respect Mother Nature and to just simply enjoy being outdoors on the new project.  The roots of ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ are the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada and also the birth of Francisco’s daughter.  Forest Robots has laid the foundation with 10 earthy, organic seeds sprouting up and now it has all grown into a great, big ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’.


As soon as I hit Play, a cool breeze rushes over me with crisp, electronic goodness & supersonic forestry hitting me from all directions on “Sudden Bioluminescence”.  On tracks two & four, “Where The Wild Summer Storms Run” and “Between The Orange And Purple Horizon”, one will hear funky synth mania while entering a dimension that is equipped with wild, Forest Robots roaming uncharted lands.  Song three, “Through The Trees And Into Wide Open Landscapes”, is as vast as it sounds inviting the listener to discover this majestic world and wondrous surrounding.  Track six, “As The Sun Rises Between Timberline And Mountain Crest”, offers a calming, meditative effect and tranquil vibe that will leave you deep in thought while picturing a sublime sunrise over the magnificent mountain setting.  The listener will be exploring new structures, platforms, landmarks and elements “On A Desolate Shore Under A Full Moon” where everything is fresh & free-flowing.  Track nine, “When Forest Leaves Begin To Change”, will transport you into another realm full of ever-changing chords that engulf you and your eardrums.  The final number, “It’s Quietest At The Edge Of The Crestline”, will leave you with a soothing sensation in a world full of endless daydreaming and soul-cleansing.


This is the second, full-length record for Forest Robots and I must say that ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ is blooming and quite fruitful.  There is a charming ambiance in place here where Forest Robots produces electronic grooves that will make you move and think.  It’s all about family and preserving nature on ‘Timberline and Mountain Crest’ and these musical crops are now ripe and in season.




By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)

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