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Live Review + Gallery: Municipal Waste at Warsaw Brooklyn, New York 11/11/18

After a third of the crowd trickled out after Nuclear Assault finished their set the floor was left with nothing but diehard wastoids. With the fans chanting “Fuck You Up, Fuck You Up” as Municipal Waste took to the stage, frontman Tony Foresta yells out “Are you feeling horny?” with a snickering smile, “Are you horny for more?” As fans in the crowd laughed and unleashed a vicious roar the band wasted no time stirring the frenzy back up as they went right into Bourbon Discipline. With the band laying waste to every track they ran through, the bodies of speed freaks came flying over the barriers from every direction as maniac frontman Tony Foresta would continuously incite the circle pit to grow larger. A friendly riot of fist flew in circles from the floor as the Waste continued on shredding riffs behind the intensity of frontman Tony Foresta’s shrieking vocals on such tracks as Breathe Grease, Poison the Preacher, and The Thrashin’ of the Christ. As the Waste set was coming to a finish there was a brief moment the sweaty sea of patch covered battle vest wearing speed freaks were calm, like a calm before the storm or calm before Foresta called out the next track Headbanger Face Rip, and that calm sea would erupt into a tornado frenzy of bodies and fist flying in all directions. The band would then close out their set with Born to Party, and just like that the party was over as the hoards of sweaty speed freaks would pour out of Warsaw onto the streets of Greenpoint leaving the show with nothing but a good old fashion thrashingly good time.


  1. Bourbon Discipline
  2. Sadistic Magician
  3. You’re Cut Off
  4. Unleash the Bastards
  5. Beer Pressure
  6. Wolves of Chernobyl
  7. Terror Shark
  8. Slime & Punishment
  9. Breathe grease
  10. Mind Eraser
  11. Poison the Preacher
  12. The Thrashin’ of the Christ
  13. Under the Waste Command
  14. Headbanger Face Rip
  15. Born to Party



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