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Taylor Grey Releases New Single “Warning”

American sweetheart Taylor Grey surprised fans yesterday morning by dropping her new single “Warning.” The Stanford student has been releasing music in trickles over the past year, not only slowly showing fans a vulnerable and delicate side, but growth and evolution as an human and artist. The new single carries the same moods of her single “Poison“, as well as the simple beats and somber tones. Grey’s gentle voice pairs immaculately with the grand piano as it rings like thunder rolling during a storm.

It’s the feeling you’re too damaged to ever be lovable. It’s the feeling that you have to warn people to stay away – you say it’s to protect them.. “oh I’m bad at love, I don’t do relationships, etc.”… but really it’s to protect yourself from being seen. It’s the feeling that you don’t even love yourself, so how could you possibly love someone else.

“Warning” displays Grey’s most personal thoughts and battles. The single strikes as a polar opposite of her 2017 debut release Space Case, however fans have stayed by Grey’s vulnerable side. They’ve shown immense support and empowerment of Grey’s every open wound and scar as she tells stories of pushing loved ones away and confessing never learning how to trust.

Along with the surprise drop, Grey made another big announcement of a new EP titled Grey by Taylor Grey. An intimate EP release party can be expected at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on the release date, November 16th. 21+, Be sure to grab tickets here.

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