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“My Guy ” is the new release from Mr BJ Jackson aka Ben Jackson, a newsongwriter / producer from London.

What starts off as romantic admiration quickly turns into a brutal murder fantasy in his new song “My Guy”. It’s melodic and hipnotic, with an element of dark humour that accompanies most of Mr BJ Jackson’s (mostly unreleased) material.

“I wanted to write a track that people comfortably settled into thinking it was a story of love-at-first-sight. But as it becomes clear who the guy is, the lyrics, and production take a much darker turn.”

Mr BJ Jackson taught himself production from his cabin bed while serving in the Swiss Navy. Hours at sea meant a lot of time to himself and with nothing but a laptop and a pair of headphones for entertainment.

“I got a lot of flack from my crewmates at first but that’s cool. I was a terrible producer back then.”

At the end of 4 years service he then moved to England and tried his luck at being a professional producer. The only work he could find was teaching production to inmates at the prison HMP Pentonville in North London. Since then he’s been working with bands and artists (some of whom he met as prisoners) including up-and-comers Childcare , Michael Jablonka and Little White Things .

“My Guy” followson the heels of “We’re Fucked”, (a song about taking MDMA with an ex) which was released earlier in the summer and has already amassed over 700 views on Youtube .

The mp3 of “We’re Fucked” is also available to download now on Bandcamp for £45.30 ($59.96) .

When asked about why he priced his music so high, Ben had this to say: “To me it’s amazing that people are willing to pay anything at all for music they can stream for free. So I was curious what would happen if I put it out for a ridiculously high price. I think I can predict what will happen though. I predict that no-one will buy it.”

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