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Gallery: Joey Dosik at King’s Theater in NYC on 9/22/2018

Joey Dosik, a singer song writer from LA, opened for Vulpeck on Friday and Saturday night at King’s Theater in Brooklyn New York. His set included many songs off of his newly released EP- Inside Voice. During his set, Dosik spent a good portion of his time at the piano, belting out soulful tunes and also some silly basketball related ad libs. The most impactful part of his set, however, was his cover of “Stories” by Bill Withers. He emerged from behind the piano and took center stage in front of the microphone. As he started singing the song a capella, with only the addition of a few snaps of his fingers, the entire crowd of over 3,000 people in King’s Theater went silent. You could hear a pin drop as he sang the song. It left Dosik and members of the audience a little emotional.

Joining Dosik on stage were:

Theo Katzman: Drums
James Cornelison: Guitar
Woody Goss: Keys
Richie Rodriguez: Percussion

Here are some photos from the Saturday show.

Catch Joey Dosik on his fall tour.

Listen to Inside Voice here.

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