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Album Review: Wildways – Day X

Wildways, my favorite Russian export (besides vodka mixed with bad decisions) have released their sophomore album, Day X. The genre-bending quintet put together twelve tracks that touch all the bases Wildways are known for–making music that breaks all boundaries. In Day X you can hear how the band has progressed and experimented both lyrically and instrumentally. Wildways’ is comprised of Toli Wild on vocals, drummer Kery Parker, Denny Wild and Sergio Novikov on guitars, and Igor Starostin on bass.

Title track ‘Day X’ starts up with subtle easy-flowing notes that would fool any unsuspecting listener in Wildways’ typical fashion. After a minute or so of buildup, Toli blasts into the chorus reminding you of who and what you are listening to. Toli has a ridiculous amount of range and displays it right off the bat with this song. He can hit melodies, vibratos, and screams flawlessly giving this song a 10/10 and introducing Day X appropriately while making language barriers disappear.

‘Self Riot’ is a powerful and evocative song. Interpretations will vary but for me, this song makes me feel the reality of despair with its haunting lyrics. “Take a look around, look we all drown, How can I, how can I escape from this sleep? You can’t get away, we all have to pay”. The melodic guitars combined with the ardent delivery of Toli’s vocals easily make it a favorite from the entire album.

‘Skeletons’ switches the tempo of Day X forging together R&Blike cadence, mild dubstep bass lines, and brings it all together with big alternative rock guitars. This track is definitely an anthem for the victims of a broken heart. I don’t know what this girl is hiding, but she supposedly has some serious “skeletons in the closet, whoa!”

The airy effect combined with the acoustic guitar of ‘Sky’ immediately reminded me of opening track ‘Skins’ from their previous album Into The Wild. My heart stopped because that song was one of the reasons I fell in love with Wildways. ‘Sky’ maintains a lightness throughout the song despite Toli singing subdued lyrics and notes. The tone of the song is rather somber but the instrumentalization says otherwise. This track plays with your emotions a bit.

‘New Level’ is a medley of straight up anger, rap, hardcore, and metalcore. Throwing some serious shade, this song will make you scream along during moments of rage. Stuck in traffic and someone cut you off? “Look where I am, where are you now? I’m on a new level, bitch” after you pass them. Your ex is calling you after they did you dirty? “You fed me shit all the time I trusted you, Now I’m on top, sorry, what’s up with your face?” You get the idea. This song is just fun.

Something Wildways did not change and I love them for it, is doing whatever they want. With their sophomore album the band continues to challenge the norm and incorporate the elements that made them wild in their ways, Спасибо Wildways, never change.

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