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L7CD Shakes Up the Industry with Hip Hop for Grown Folks

The new single “Check My Swagger” is out now and certain to swoon listeners with an alchemy of old school attitude, and new schooled beats and vibes.

For fans of the original hip hop generation, a new hope has risen in the face of L7CD. Complete with mystery, intrigue, and a cloak of anonymity, the rapper’s mixed phat potions in his laboratory have lately been producing some of the freshest hip hop sounds in a long time. The latest single “Check My Swagger” is a perfect example of that. Give it a listen on YouTube here.

L7CD has also released a full length album dubbed “Old Dawg, New Swagger”. The album of ten tracks does not contain any profanity; no insults, no negativity, all positive ideas, themes, and language. It is a curated list of good, clean fun.

In other words, L7CD makes music that speaks for itself. According to the rapper himself, “MY sound is a surprise, a refreshing departure from the repetitive hip hop on the airways today.”

Is this the hip hop revolution? Only time will tell!

To download the new single Check My Swagger from iTunes, head on over to this link.

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