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Will This Be The Next Big Soundcloud Artist?


I can truly say Goth Homme is an authentic Hip-Hop virtuoso within the underground scene. Along the same lines as $uicideBoy$, Xavier Wulf, and Yung Lean, this young man looks for inspiration in all of them. As a matter of fact, his raw talent is coming to light due to his constant originality. Proof of this is the successful track he released two years ago, entitled “Goth Fujiwara”. And guess what, it has already reached more than 700K plays on SoundCloud. Nowadays, he is ready to rumble on new platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. More so when he is promoting his latest EP, ‘Time.. Out’. From my view, it’s got a dark feel, an experimental lo-fi atmosphere, glitch effects, and best of all, damn good rhymes. In conclusion, Goth Homme is the kind of artist who knows how to stand out from the crowd.

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