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Danish Producer Jonas Brøg Releases First Solo Single

After years of working behind the scenes with artists as a producer and songwriter, Jonas Brøg felt something was missing. With a work-life that consisted primarily of sitting down behind two speakers, Brøg was feeling burned out and craved physical movement, so he looked to his drum kit. The therapy resulted in his first solo single “Tell Me Why,” a stomping, organic track with strong rhythms and a soulful melody.

I’ve had some challenges over the last 2 years: insomnia, completely burned out, dark days of depression, the whole shabang, but now I feel sparks doing this again,” says Brøg. “‘Tell Me Why’ was just too personal to be released by someone else, I needed to play some loud banging drums and let all emotions out. All I want right now is to feel better and perhaps on my journey, I can make someone else feel better too.

“Tell Me Why” is available on Spotify.

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