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Single Review: Krysle Lip – “King of Dreams”

Krysle Lip’s primary goal as an artist involves giving his music life, and he has realized such a goal – to a fantastic and epic extent. He is already well-traveled for his young age, having lived in places across the Unites States of America, Canada, Europe and Northern Africa. Although largely nomadic due to the nature of his parents’ professional endeavors, his sensitivity to worldly influences has continually shaped his artistic vision. Taking cue from long established musical innovators – from David Bowie to Bjork – as well as seeking diverse accompaniment, including the ney, oud, and accordion, that is only the start of his artistic identity.

In his forthcoming EP, Intravenous Therapy, Krysle Lip strives to feed that vision limitless potential, backed by the assistance of Grammy Award-winning engineers Darrell Thorp and Florian Lagatta. His latest single, “King of Dreams,” competently explores its visual as well as melodic aspect. Somber but textural drawings of new wave and post-punk prove fitting aspects to this presentation, especially in its saturated depiction of a grandiose, clearly lavish lifestyle. Though beneath the extravagant façade, there is an undermining loneliness in the artist’s solitude. With that, Krysle Lip’s longing to impact those facing similar disenchantment is not only conveyed, but ultimately understood.

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Compositions - 95%
Breaking Ground - 91%
Engagement - 94%
Lyrical Voice - 92%
Production - 95%


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