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Nandan Guatam Comes Alive with New Release

Baku, Azerbaijan-based composer, Nandan Gautam always knew music was meant to be a part of his life. However, after dabbling with the guitar for most of his young adult life, he never quite mastered the instrument and felt lost. It wasn’t until he met yoga guru Bharat Thakur that he had his spiritual awakening and found his musical calling as a digital composer.
Now an accomplished author, composer, producer, and renowned yoga expert, Nandan announces the release of his latest project, The King of the Sea. The eleven- track album, self-produced and performed by Nandan himself, acts as a companion to his book of the same title. Drawing from jazz, rock, and pop influences, the tracks function as a soundscape for his metaphysical memoir detailing a part-fictional journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
One standout track from this album is “You Escape Yourself”, featuring, Tony Das, whose shredding guitar riffs add hints of hard rock to the peaceful ambiance of the track’s groove. What truly sets this track apart from the others are Nandan’s hauntingly serene vocal melodies. His voice effortlessly flows over the complex guitar melodies, filling the spacious sonic environment and easing the minds of listeners. The track fits perfectly with the rest of the project and we look forward to hearing what Nandan has in store for us!

Listen to “You Escape Yourself” here: You Escape Yourself (feat. Tony Das) by Nandan Gautam
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