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Chuck Garric of Beasto Blanco 7/19/18 (Photo by Bradley Todd)

Gallery & Review: Beasto Blanco at Rochaus – 7/19/18 West Dundee, IL.

When you’re Alice Cooper’s long time bass player and constantly touring the world, what do you with your free time when you are lucky enough to get some? Easy…you start your own group and head back out on the road!

That’s exactly what said bassist, Chuck Garric, has done with his band, Beasto Blanco, switching to guitar and singing. He started the group in 2012 with his buddy and fellow guitarist, Christopher “Brother” Latham. And the group has grown and now includes Alice Cooper’s daughter, Calico, on vocals, as well as Jan Legrow on bass and Sean Sellers on drums.

The group has an aggressive hard rock sound that is certain to draw comparisons to Rob Zombie given that Chuck sings in a guttural growl that is similar in style and tone to the aforementioned Zombie. But Beasto differs from Zombie in that it has its (not so) secret weapon with shock rock progeny, Calico Cooper, who brings a woman’s touch to the proceedings…albeit the touch of a woman who is swinging a bat with spikes sticking out of it and who storms around the stage like an angry vampire thirsty for blood!

The group just started their Monstrous Things tour in support of last year’s album, the self-titled Beasto Blanco, and the tour runs through July.

The opening night performance at Rochaus in West Dundee, IL. was a raucous, sing along affair featuring the group’s heavy but catchy songs such as Grind, Death Rattle, I Rise, Beasto Blanco, and a cover of Alice Cooper’s Feed My Frankenstein (see photo gallery below setlist).


  1. Beasto Blanco
  2. Ready To Go
  3. Freak
  4. Motor Queen
  5. Machine Girl
  6. Grind
  7. Death Rattle
  8. Damnation
  9. Honey
  10. Halcyon
  11. We Got This
  12. I Rise
  13. Feed My Frankenstein
  14. Breakdown


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