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Sebastian Bach - 7/13/18 Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL. (Photo by Bradley Todd)

Gallery & Review: Sebastian Bach at Concord Music Hall – 7/13/18 Chicago, IL.

Sebastian Bach played the next to last night of a seven week tour at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall on Friday the 13th. Superstition may have dictated that something would go wrong with the show. But with the exception of a stage monitor that wasn’t placed or secured to Bach’s liking during the opening number, Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind, the show began and ended without a hitch.

During the set, Bach and band (Bobby Jarzombek on drums, Rob DeLuca on bass, and Brent Woods on guitar) gave the enthusiastic crowd Skid Row staples (of course), several Bach solo tunes, and cover songs by Pantera (in honor of deceased friends Dimebag and Vinnie from Pantera), Motley Crue, and Rush (see setlist below).

Sebastian was in jovial spirits throughout, smiling and interacting with the crowd, even jokingly giving some grief to a female fan up front who was texting instead of paying attention to the performance (at least I think it was a joke!). But Bach never was happier than when looking at his wife and family just off stage, and he even brought his kids out during a song to rock, which made for a sweet moment.

Gallery below setlist


Slave to the Grind

Dance on your Grave

Here I Am

Dream Forever

18 & Life

Piece of me

Little Wings

I Remember You


Big Guns

Sweet Little Sister

Stuck Inside

Rattlesnake Shake

Canadian Metalhead

Monkey Business>Cemetery Gates>Monkey Business

You Gone Wild>Shout at the Devil>Youth Gone Wild

Hell Inside My Head

Tom Sawyer

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