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Single Review: DJ Mizzy – Prost

Claudel Larose (aka DJ Mizzy) has earned distinction in electronic music for reaching fans at an international level. The Stamford, Connecticut DJ and producer crafts a sound that channels top artists from Sander van Doom to Avicii. Mizzy continues to carry an undeterred musical passion after nearly two decades of touring the world, keeping an original Technic SL1200 turntable at hand.

While striving to incorporate urban subtleties of hip hop and soul, Mizzy’s core sound lies in deep house. His recording debut single, “Prost,” keeps that spirit alive by way of fusing throwback and fresh dance structures. Throughout the song’s familiarly bumping bass foundation, there’s solid attention to the presence of percussion, rising and lulling as the initial phase is established. Further on, a cool synth makes its way atop the involvement, creating a temporary break before the beat reemerges with an outright, pulse-laden buildup. It’s experiences like this that bring to mind images of a packed dance floor, late at night, bustling in a club that appears bare-bones on the surface, but is deeply and ultimately united. All in all, “Prost” is proof of how one’s road chops can accumulate into a marketable product.

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