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Lynch Mob 6/30/18 - Evanston, IL. (Photo by Bradley Todd)

Gallery & Review: Lynch Mob at Evanston Rocks on 6/30/18, in Evanston, IL.

It is common for musicians these days to be involved in multiple bands. And George Lynch, best known as the guitar wizard in 80’s hard rock group, Dokken, is a perfect example as he seems to be involved in several musical entities…one of which is Lynch Mob, the group he formed upon his exit from Dokken.

Mr. Lynch is currently out with the aforementioned Lynch Mob, which made a stop at Evanston Rocks, just outside of Chicago, on June 30, 2018, before heading north of the Illinois border to Wisconsin to perform at Milwaukee’s Summerfest on July 1st.

At the 6/30/18 show, Lynch Mob consisted of Lynch, singer Robert Mason (of Warrant), drummer Scot, Coogan, and bassist Sean McNabb. The group played Lynch Mob and Dokken tunes for approximately 2 hours, and was received warmly by an intimate crowd. The band was loose and had fun joking around with the audience and amongst themselves.

But what mattered most was that George Lynch was there. And that’s no slight to the other musicians on the stage, who are all well seasoned touring pros. Seeing and hearing George play is why most were there that night…to experience his guitar histrionics in person, and to re-live the magic of the classic Lynch Mob and Dokken tracks. Mission accomplished.

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