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London Songwriter/Production Duo Fitzsimon And Brogan Leak Track From 2019 Release

Hot on the heels of their brand new album release, “Big Blue World” (June 22nd), London-based songwriter/producer duo, Fitzsimon and Brogan have leaked another gem, “Can’t Hope To Hold Out.”  The track is from a 2019 planned album release, “The Hipster Paradox.”  Neil Fitzsimon explains, “When I got into Elvis Costello, I would have given my right arm to get a preview of what might be coming in the future. I used to hunt around record stores for bootlegs of Costello, so it might be an idea to put it out there, just for the obsessives like me.”

Get your FaB fix right here!

And pick up their latest album at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/big-blue-world/1401553775.

Neil Fitzsimon, the songwriter, and Bee Brogan, the vocalist, aim to produce “Pure Pop For Now People.” Preferring to remain faceless in an industry that holds image in high regard, the pair have gone on to form a songwriting/production partnership that led to placement of their songs in Film and TV. They also wrote a musical, Jack Dagger, which was showcased at the Greenwich Theatre, London for the Musical Futures Award. It was also showcased at the Bridewell and the Royal College of Music in London. They have also just had a song placed in a USA Sci–Fi Feature film.  The duo recently had a track reach number 3 on a French national download chart.  Their track, “This Is Love” earned the duo Semi-Finalist status in the Eurovision Contest.

For more information, please visit http://www.fitzsimonandbrogan.com

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