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Gallery: Michigan Rattlers at Loretta’s Last Call on 06/21/18

Los Angeles based, Michigan born Americana outfit Michigan Rattlers describe their music as “heavy-hearted folk-rock with an aching dose of Midwestern nice.” For them, no stage is too big or two small, this month alone they’ve made appearances at major US festivals such as Bonaroo and Firefly. Last night, they were in Boston, MA for a much more intimate gig at country music hotspot Loretta’s Last Call.

Much of the night found the group battling the conversations in the room, but they handled it like seasoned pro’s. Playing bar stages is infinitely more difficult than playing to a crowd of your own fans.  Not many in the crowd know your music, but you try to capture their attention anyway. Michigan Rattlers did a great job of that drawing more and more fans towards the venue stage with each passing song. The band has yet to release their debut album, but promises it’s coming this year.

Stream Michigan Rattler’s latest single “Just Good Night”:

Photos: Michigan Rattlers @ Loretta’s Last Call in Boston, MA on June 21st, 2018:

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