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Shaman Elect – Rock Jazz Electronica from Brooklyn Release Mind The Ether Today

On their new album, “Mind the Ether”, Shaman Elect combines rock and jazz vibes with current electronica beats to create an undeniably alluring sound. This band came together in studios they created out of warehouses in Brooklyn, NY. After dropping their single, “Hugo of Bath”, we were more than excited to get our hands on this album.

It starts off with a track titled “Introduction”. The first thing you hear are footsteps crunching against leaves, with an owl whooing in the background. A deep voice comes in to eerily introduce you to the album. This unique opening track immediately draws the listener in and demands their attention, making them want to continue listening.

One of our favorites from this album is “Sangfroid”. The track opens with soft guitar strumming and the sound of insects buzzing. It has a tranquil, natural feel to it. This fades into a fun jazz and rock infused bass riff that has your foot tapping in seconds. You’ll find yourself swaying your hips instantly. Sarah Warshowsky’s vocals enchant you immediately.

“Mind the Ether” truly feels like you are being taken on a mystical journey. Shaman Elect has a real way with storytelling, and that is incredibly relevant throughout this album. They continue to impress us and we can’t wait for more.

Follow Shaman Elect Here:
Website: https://www.shamanelect.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shamanelect
Instagram: http://instagram.com/shamanelect
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shamanelect

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