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Roo Panes – Quiet Man

Roo Panes 'Quiet Man'

Compositions - 80%
Breaking Ground - 70%
Engagement - 75%
Lyrical Voice - 80%
Production - 85%


A British icon in the making at the top of his game.

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After huge success with his first 2 albums ‘Paperweights’ and ‘Little Giant’, and with over 150 million streams amassed, singer-songwriter Roo Panes returns with his third album ‘Quiet Man’.  

Often compared to Ben Howard on account of his singer-songwriter routes and lyrical positive messages, this new LP deserves to propel Roo to a similar level of critical and fan adoration as that received by Ben Howard.  Filled with 11 heart-warmingly beautiful tracks, it’s an album brimming with songs of encouragement, with stories of seeing the good in people, and themes of love and personal growth

Less traditionally folk sounding that his previous records, the musical pallet has been expanded on ‘Quiet Man’.  Opening track ‘A Message To Myself’ is the biggest example of this. Vast in scope and epic in production, it’s a confident and attention grabbing opener.  ‘My Narrow Road’ sounds thick and rich, ‘A Year In The Garden’ offers a glimpse into Roo’s personal life, and the wonderful ‘Ophellia’ – my personal highlight – is one of the most gorgeously sumptuous songs 2018 will offer.  

New single ‘Sketches of Summer’, another highlight, is a beautiful example of Quiet Man’s overall enveloping feeling of warmth and happiness. It also serves as the most sonically representative of Roo’s state of mind when writing ‘Quiet Man’, a record he describes as coming from “a place of stillness, peace and contentment. 

An album of incredible warmth and beauty, Roo Panes once again demonstrates his rarely-rivaled ability of writing the most beautiful and most touching songs.  A British icon in the making at the top of his game.

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