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New Music Friday: George Taylor Gets Soulful in Atmospheric “Come Follow Me Down”

Rising UK Talent George Taylor is about to become a name you’ll know, on his latest single “Come Follow Me Down” the young singer delivers a song that will remind of you Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” which took the world by storm just a few years ago.

“I had this constant urge,” he admits. “I remember lying in bed and thinking, ‘I have to do this.’ Instruments always fascinated me, and I decided to seriously pursue music. I taught myself to play guitar by listening to a lot. I never had proper music lessons. I wanted to steer clear of any tutoring or somebody telling me, ‘This is the way it should be done.’ If you teach yourself, it can lead you down other avenues you might not go down if you’re taught.”

Following this instinct, he went through a string of bands in school and university—and a few pub jobs that didn’t last more than a day.

In 2017, George introduced a string of new music to the world. We’ve already seen the releases of “I Hear Your Song, Sweetness”, “The Youth” and “Ophelia”. First of the year, “I Hear Your Song, Sweetness” is a track fueled by a robust guitar riff, delicate acoustic phrasing, and his hypnotic croon sending an assuring message “to struggling musicians everywhere.” This was swiftly followed by a clarion call to young people titled “The Youth”, which was written during a trip to Woodstock, NY and resounds with lines like, “Shine a light on the youth. Don’t deny them, soon they’ll be living here and not you.” Of course, then there was the aforementioned “Ophelia”, as George explained, “It’s about someone I got to know who had sadly been spending time in a mental hospital, but didn’t believe she should have been there. The name Ophelia comes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.”

Throughout it all, it’s George Taylor’s aptitude for storytelling coupled with a singular soulful voice that truly makes George a songwriting treasure: 

“It all comes down to honesty for me,” he leaves off. “I have to really believe in what I’m singing in order to sing it.”

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