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Can You REALLY Learn to Play Guitar Online?

If you have ever thought about learning to play guitar, you may have had doubts about whether you could really teach yourself without the help of a professional tutor. As professional lessons usually cost a lot of money, then this may be something that has put you off trying to learn at all. However, there are many resources out there if you know where to look and some of these are discussed in more detail below.

Online Guides and Videos

There are numerous free guides and videos about playing guitar that you will find on YouTube. The teaching styles of the people that have made these videos will differ significantly, and you need to find something that is going to work for you.

This is why it is often a good idea to spend a bit of time comparing internet based guitar learning programs. The advantage of following a video is that you can pause and rewind any sections that you may feel you need more practice with which allows you to learn at your own pace.

Mobile Apps

There are also apps that you can download to your phone or tablet which will help you to learn how to play the guitar. The advantage of these apps is that they usually have two separate components, both of which can be very useful. The first is that they will often have videos with instructions that you can follow. They will also have sheet music that you can print off or view on your device.

Books and Magazines

Although many people prefer to learn by watching someone play, the use of books and magazines should not be understated. You can buy books from most music shops that have sheet music as well as instructions on how to play each particular song. There are also magazines available that will give you sheet music, and many of these also provide a CD with backing music that you can play along with.

One of the most important things to remember when learning to play guitar is that you have to keep practicing. Whichever method of studying you are using, it can be a good idea to step back from it for a while and see how you play with no instruction. It will give you the opportunity to begin to learn from your mistakes and to see how far you have come. The methods mentioned above can be advantageous in teaching you technique, but practice is crucial if you are going to improve as a player.

Learning to play a musical instrument has many benefits for your mental and physical health, and so it is not something that you want to miss out on. The good news is that it is possible for you to teach yourself to play guitar and that this does not have to cost you a lot of money. The tips that have been shared in this article are a great place to start and remember that the most important thing is that you are having fun.

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