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Blistering Blues and Soulful Tunes: Derek Lee Goodreid’s New Album, ‘God, the Devil and I’ Delivers.

After a band breakup, taking time out to deal with depression and being unemployed you would think writing, recording and producing an album would be the last thing you could manage. Thanks to some great support from friends and family, finding affordable musicians on Fiverr and having a fiery passion for music Derek Lee Goodreid not only recorded one but three albums. ‘God, the Devil and I is the first in the trilogy and it is a mix of Blues, Rockabilly, Country and Americana. Surrounding himself with a strong cast of players from around the world, each song has such texture and depth that it is surprising to learn that the album was mixed and mastered in his home studio in Oslo. The Australian songwriter moved to Oslo ten years ago to start a family and music was the only passion he had to help with his initial feeling of isolation and homesickness. The music on the album surprisingly steers clear of falling too deep into melancholia with enough upbeat blues rock, danceable rockabilly and hopeful soul tunes reminiscent of White Stripes, Black Keys, Stray Cats, Jeff Buckley and Tiger Army to name a few. Check it out for yourself, in a time where making singles is a priority it is refreshing to take a journey into a full length soundscape that is ‘God, the Devil and I’.

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