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Gallery and Review: The Iron Maidens at The Chance Poughkeepsie, NY 5/12/18

Saturday night was ladies night, as The Iron Maidens the only all female tribute band to the iconic Iron Maiden adorned the stage of The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY. With Iron Maiden’s cover of UFO’s Doctor Doctor playing over the PA eventually translating into the famous Winston Churchill speech “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” as the Maidens made their way onto the stage  wasting no time ripping right into Aces High. With the amazing six string wizardry of guitar duo Courtney Cox and Nikki Stringfield, along with bassist Wanda Ortiz and drummer Linda McDonald the band without a doubt flawlessly replicated the sound nailing it note for note, but it was time to really see what the Maidens were made of as vocalist Kirsten Rosenberg hit the first note. The front woman would prove with ease her vocals had what it took to match the vocals of Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson. The crowd was immediately hooked as they sang along to the song word for word, with the band going right into the next song 2 Minutes to Midnight it was like closing your eyes and listing to Maiden’s Live After Death. The bands setlist was filled with classics  from Maiden’s long list of hits like “Number of the Beast, and The Trooper” as well as a few more underrated songs such as Still life and one of my more personal favorites Alexander, a song which the band has for some reason never played live. When it came to replicating and paying tribute the great Iron Maiden the Maidens hit it right out of the park. The sound and performance was (aside from a few minor technical glitches) was nothing short of amazing, with the Eddie character from the Somewhere in Time era coming out on stage for Wasted Years, right down to Kirsten Rosenberg suiting up for The Trooper blazing the red coat of the British Army along with flag in hand in true Dickinson fashion while adding her own twist to things as she waved the American Flag as well as the British. With the set coming to end it was time for the final song of the evening and what better way to end a Maiden tribute set by bring Eddie back out on stage as the crowd screamed and cheered for the title song off the album that started it all Iron Maiden. After an the amazing show ended the band held a meet and greet at their merch table where fans were took photos and grabbed autographs from the amazingly talented and beautiful Maidens.


Doctor Doctor (UFO Cover)

Churchill’s Speech

  1. Aces High
  2. 2 Minutes to Midnight
  3. 22 Acacia Avenue
  4. Still Life
  5. The Number of the Beast
  6. Phantom of the Opera
  7. Alexander the Great
  8. Murders in the Rue Morge
  9. Wasted years
  10. The Trooper
  11. Revelations
  12. The Evil That Men Do
  13. Fear of the dark
  14. Iron Maiden



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