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Show Review and Gallery : COUNTERFEIT. at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory 05/01/2018

British hardcore/punk rockers COUNTERFEIT. have embarked on their first tour across North America and graced us with their superb musicianship and performance. The quintet is comprised by lead vocalist and guitarist Jamie Campbell Bower, drummer Jimmy Craig, bassist Roland Johnson, and guitarists Tristan Marmont and Sam Campbell Bower. The moment Counterfeit stepped foot onto the Knitting Factory stage every single person there was completely engrossed.

After this set I am convinced that Counterfeit has single-handedly reinvigorated the punk rock scene with its raw and unforgiving primal essence, tapping directly into the vein of what Rock ‘n’ Roll is. The band creates music with purposeful and hypnotic drums, loud and unrelenting guitars, rhythmic basslines and Bower’s gravelly voice delivering straightforward and honest lyrics. All of that combined with a ridiculously energetic stage presence and you might have a slight idea of the time I had at Counterfeit’s show on a Tuesday night in New York. It is hard to pinpoint any one specific moment that stands out as a favorite because the entire set was astounding from beginning to end.

If either punk rock, hardcore rock, great music, or good times are your thing, check out Counterfeit at the following links:

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