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JOÉL Entices with New Album “Seasons Change

Texas-based singer-songwriter, Joel Hernandez, also known as JOÉL, is creating music on his own terms with the release of his latest record, “Seasons Change.” The album which as been garnering the attention of fans and critics alike, offers up an intriguing look into Hernandez’s musical vision, which comes to life within every song.

Taking to music since an early age, JOÉL has had a song in his heart since the beginning. For the record he teamed up with esteemed Grammy nominated songwriter, producer and musician Rodney Alejandro, who helped him create his journey. On the record we hear JOÉL blending storytelling lyricism and intricate instrumentation. His eclectic sound brings a vibrant force that comes to life inside of every beat, strum, and heavenly melody.

Taking cues from artists such as Eric Clapton and John Mayer, each piece stands out in its own special way. On the album we dive into JOÉL as both a musician and songwriter, with 12-impressive tracks in tow. Throughout the record, each song stands prominently on its own, while still creating a cohesive piece of work.

Standout favorites include the gorgeously crafted “It’s Only You,” that showcases JOÉL’s vocals range, and “Can’t Get Thru,” which brings an obsessed love story to the table with a dash of the Blues. On “Seasons Change,” JOÉL not only proves that he can create songs with brilliant imagery, but that he has staying power as well. The sky is the limit for JOÉL, and we’re eager to hear what he unleashes next.

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