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Willie Breeding new single ‘Ride On’

Nashville based newcomer Willie Breeding will release his debut album ‘Big Sky’ later this summer.  The melodies are rich and wavy, complementing the lyrics born from a life torn between their years in New York City, and their generations in Nashville.  

Following the release of ‘Prague Spring’ from it at the end of 2017 (a lonesome ballad featuring guest vocals from Caitlin Rose), now comes next single ‘Ride On’.  “It’s a song making fun of myself” Willie explains.   “When I first moved to Nashville,  I used to go out and often when I would walk into the bar, I would walk straight through it and out the back door. It wasn’t a conscious thing, I almost wouldn’t even remember being in the bar. Then I would have no idea where to go or what to do. Living in New York, I always loved going out by myself. Did it for years. Nashville seemed very different. So I wanted the music to sound huge, and I had this big riff. Seemed appropriate for a song making fun of myself.”

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