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Gallery & Review: Frank Hannon at Evanston Rocks 3/15/18 – Evanston, IL.

When most people think of Frank Hannon they think of his primary gig, the popular and longstanding rock band, Tesla. But close followers know that Frank has also been prolific outside of Tesla, releasing several solo albums consisting of originals and covers of favorite numbers.

The most recent of these solo releases, From One Place…to Another! – Vol. 1, was released in January, 2018, and is the first of a series of albums of cover songs Frank will be releasing, featuring many well known guest appearances.

Frank has been out touring in support of the album, with a trio Nick Nichols (bass) and Kelly Smith (drums), and played a show on March 15th at Evanston Rocks in Evanston, Illinois. The show was a mix of rock and blues, and featured covers of many well known 70’s rock classics like Aerosmith’s Lord of the Thighs and Sabbath’s Sweet Leaf. And for the Tesla faithful, there was an acoustic medley of that group’s ballad hits. While there was a setlist for the show, there was improvisation as well when, inspired by large paintings on the wall of the venue of Prince and Keith Richards, Frank called audibles and performed songs from each artists’ catalog off the cuff.

In addition to allowing Frank to show off his considerable guitar skills while playing some of his favorite songs, the solo tour also gives him a chance to display his smooth, pleasing vocal ability singing lead for a change.

There are limited shows remaining for the solo shows, but Frank can also be seen performing this summer on tour with Tesla.



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