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Mosteeze – Golden

I’m a 23 year old electronic music producer based in Newcastle, England just trying to get my name out there because people seem to like what I make and I love to make music so that’s a plus.

Soundcloud track: https://soundcloud.com/mosteeze/golden
Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k73SJJLM9ts&t=31s

I’ve been working on this track for the past month or two constantly, I’ve been moving towards Future Bass for a while now but I’m experimenting with a lot of different stuff right now (as you can see with this song, it’s the first time I’ve put my vocals in a track) and I was able to create my own sound with this song that I feel comfortable with. I’m currently working on honing that sound a bit more and changing it up a bit as I go along.
People seem to have fallen in love with it and been blown away for the most part, and it’s crazy getting that sort of feedback when you’re just some dude making music in your bedroom with a laptop.
There’s a lot more to come, so keep an eye out for future tracks 🙂
Thank you!

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