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NYC Psych Rock Band Blac Rabbit Take Internet by Storm with Viral Beatles Cover

You may have seen one of the latest viral videos making its way around the internet recently, a 48 second clip of two New York City subway performers playing their rendition of the Bealtes classic “Eight Days A Week.” After originally being filmed by social media star New York Nico, the video was featured in a facebook post by the page Urban Leak with the description “I didn’t know the Beatles were still performing!” and has wracked up nearly 14 million views in less than a week.

Well it turns out, the two subway performers are members of a psychedelic rock band from Rockaway Beach called Blac Rabbit. The band’s website describes them:

“Born and raised in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, identical twin brothers Amiri and Rahiem Taylor do not make the type of music that their borough of origin is usually associated with. Growing up surrounded by hip hop culture and all it’s glory, the Taylor brothers had more exposure in their house to pop, funk and soul music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. So naturally when they began writing songs in high school, they decided “why not learn from arguably the greatest song writing duo of all time?” and proceeded to teach themselves how to play guitar and write songs based off of the Beatles. After high school they formed Blac Rabbit, bringing in former metal and church drummer Patrick Jones, followed by resident shredder Josh Lugo on bass (and sometimes guitar) to play their original psychedelic rock tunes. In order to make some pocket money, Rah and Amiri decided to start performing music on the NYC subway. They soon discovered that people really enjoy hearing them sing Beatles songs, so they kept doing that, slowly building a reputation around the city while also performing their original material at some of New York’s best venues for up and coming acts. They maintain that sort of dual life to this day. On December 23rd, 2017, the band release their debut self-titled EP, which was also self recorded and self mixed.”

Their recent viral video appearence has propelled them into the spotlight so quickly, the band needed to redo their website to handle their bouyed popularity. Their self-titled EP is available to listen to via Spotfiy and Soundcloud and is highly reccomended. As of this posting, the group only has one scheduled live date, a March 17th date a Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY tickets for that show are available HERE

Blac Rabbit online:

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Spotify

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